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Windows That Make A Lasting Impression

Barcol sells a wide variety of window styles for replacement, renovation and new construction. Select your colour, shape, glass, grilles and accessories to match your home’s architectural style in either vinyl, wood or aluminum clad materials.

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casement window style


A popular easy to open window offering the tightest seal.  Equipped with a crank handle, casement windows are side hinged and can open a full 90 º outwards for maximum ventilation.

awning window style


Awning windows are horizontally inclined windows that are ideal for small spaces such as bathrooms and basements.  These windows are suited for any architectural style.

decorative window style


Consisting of a fixed window in a frame, geometric windows can be  customized to any size and shape.  Combine these with other windows give your home a unique look and style.

slider window style


Helpful to adding airflow to tight spaces, slider windows are available with one or two operable sashes that can be popped out for easy cleaning.

bow window style


Bay/Bow windows are combinations of either fixed or operating and fixed windows. Bays consist of three windows built at a desired angle (typically 45, 60 or 90 degrees). Bows are four or more windows joined to make an arc.

fixed style windows


Fixed windows are a picture window with a non-operational sash. Combine this stationary window with other operational window types to create visually balanced appearance.

single hung window type


Single-Hung windows consist of two sashes, the top one is stationary and the bottom slides up vertically. They are a popular choice for all styles of homes.

double-hung window style


Double-Hung windows have an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame. These windows are best suited to traditional architectural styles.

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